What does the NSW Government say about wearing a re-usable fabric face mask?

As at the date of this post, there is no requirement to wear a mask in NSW, however the NSW Government recommends wearing a mask if it is difficult to stay 1.5 metres away from other people. For example, on public transport, when caring for vulnerable people or when indoors.

To read the NSW Government's guidance in full, click here

The NSW Government website states "Wear a mask when physical distancing can't be guaranteed, if you have symptoms and are seeking medical advice, or if you are in isolation in the same room as another person".

Importantly, the NSW Government stresses that using a mask may provide a false sense of security and that the use of only a mask will not prevent infection. 

In relation to reusable fabric masks, the NSW Government guidance is that properly constructed cloth masks are made from at least three layers of breathable fabric to ensure adequate protection and that you will need more than one reusable mask.

A scarf or bandana does not offer the same amount of protection as a well fitted mask. Properly constructed reusable cloth masks are made from at least three layers of materials, including a water-resistant outer layer.

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