What does the Department of Health and Human Services Victoria (DHHS) say about fabric masks?

DHHS Victoria fabric mask guidelines wearing a fabric mask government advice

The Department of Health and Human Services Victoria will be distributing 2.1 million reusable face masks to help slow the spread of coronavirus.  

The face masks will be distributed to vulnerable Victorians, Aboriginal Victorians and workforces who come into direct contact with, and deliver health and human services to vulnerable Victorians. 

The DHHS provides instructions on how to make a cloth mask, which can be viewed by clicking here.

The DHHS recommends a fabric mask comprised of:

  • an outer layer made of water resistant fabric such as polyester or polypropylene;
  • a middle layer made of a cotton polyester blend or polypropylene; 
  • an inner layer made of a water-absorbing fabric such as cotton; and
  • cotton tie string or elastic strips.

A fabric face mask worn in the context of Covid-19 should not have holes or any unfiltered one-way valves. This can result in breathing out the virus if you have coronavirus.

The DHHS says you know your mask is working to protect you if it is well fitted. If the ties are loose, tighten them to ensure a snug fit. The mask should fit snugly and cover your nose and mouth. Keep an eye on the integrity of the fabric as it may thin over time with repeated washing. If this happens, replace the mask.

Is wearing a fabric face mask an effective means of preventing Covid-19?

Face coverings have been recommended around the world for use by the community to reduce transmission of coronavirus. 

However the DHHS states that your best protection is still to keep 1.5 metres apart from other people, to wash your hands thoroughly and regularly, and cough and sneeze into a tissue or your elbow.

How often should you wash a re-usable mask?

The DHHS states that a cloth mask can be washed and re-used. It should be washed after each time you use it and before you put it back on. It is a good idea to have at least two, so you always have a clean one available.

Masks for Change Fabric Masks 

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