Wholesale fabric face masks in Australia

Masks for Change are pleased to offer our triple layered fabric face masks for wholesale and/or bulk purchase to retailers and other businesses in Australia. All our cloth face masks are professionally packaged in customised packaging and heat sealed, making them the perfect option for gift stores, coffee shops and other retailers to offer to customers on a resale basis.  $1 from every mask sale is donated to charity, so our retail partners can decide whether they would like to buy the fabric face masks wholesale with the $1 already donated to our charity partner, or if they'd like to buy...

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Masks for Change in the News

It has been almost 2 weeks since we officially launched our online store stocking our huge range of triple layered fabric face masks, and we are so grateful for the support of our customers.  We look forward to announcing shortly our first charity donation to Reach Out Australia.  $1 from every mask sale (that's every single mask sale, not just $1 for every total sale) is donated to our charity partner and we couldn't be more excited about that. We have also been fortunate to be featured in the following articles. 51 Places You Can Buy Face Masks in Australia...

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Where to buy face masks in Australia that support charities

Before 2020, nobody in Australia would ever have guessed that face masks would be a staple of every home, at least in Victoria anyway. However, there is always some good to come out of even the worst situations and Covid has certainly brought out the community spirit of Australians. Here are 4 face mask sellers and/or makers who allow you to support the Australian community with your face mask purchase.  Masks for Change At Masks for Change, we donate $1 from every mask sale to a charity partner.  At the time of writing this article, we are an approved charity...

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What does the NSW Government say about wearing a re-usable fabric face mask?

As at the date of this post, there is no requirement to wear a mask in NSW, however the NSW Government recommends wearing a mask if it is difficult to stay 1.5 metres away from other people. For example, on public transport, when caring for vulnerable people or when indoors. To read the NSW Government's guidance in full, click here.  The NSW Government website states "Wear a mask when physical distancing can't be guaranteed, if you have symptoms and are seeking medical advice, or if you are in isolation in the same room as another person". Importantly, the NSW Government...

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What does the Department of Health and Human Services Victoria (DHHS) say about fabric masks?

The Department of Health and Human Services Victoria will be distributing 2.1 million reusable face masks to help slow the spread of coronavirus.   The face masks will be distributed to vulnerable Victorians, Aboriginal Victorians and workforces who come into direct contact with, and deliver health and human services to vulnerable Victorians.  The DHHS provides instructions on how to make a cloth mask, which can be viewed by clicking here. The DHHS recommends a fabric mask comprised of: an outer layer made of water resistant fabric such as polyester or polypropylene; a middle layer made of a cotton polyester blend or...

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